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Bundle with WoodPack - Your firewood mate!


WoodPack, the small, light and versatile tool for binding stacked cubic metre volumes of wood, operates tractor independently. (The tractor can attend to the splitter or carry out other jobs, saving on tractor operating times and additional costs per stacked cubic metre). WoodPack can be conveniently transported in a normal car. WoodPack allows stacked cubic metre volumes of wood to be tied up using UV-resistant baler twine. Bundles of short wood and bundles of wood longer than 1 m can be produced and conveniently transported with the help of WoodPack. The unbeatable advantage of preparing firewood- to-measure at a sensational price is gained by using various bracket types.

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Base plate


Stere bracket suitable for stere and short wood bundles
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Pretensioning belts
Baler twine
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Woodpack in PW

WoodPack has no stop plate with the result that WoodPack is light in weight and convenient to handle. Experience has shown that a stop plate is not necessary.
Further advantage: You can bundle any size of posts, poles, boles, trunks and branches!

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Stack 1 m lengths of wood


Binden unter Zug nach vorspannen Pretension with large tensioning belts. Wrap with UV-resistant baler twine on both sides (three times, under tension). Tie a knot. Remove tensioning belts.  
Bügel Entfernen

Remove rear loading brackets and tip out bundle. You can tilt the equipment slightly by placing a piece of wood underneath it, if necessary. This may make tipping out easier, especially if the wood is heavy or the ground uneven.

Verlad mit Traverse

Loading using cross bar or grabber.

DThe UV-resistant baler twine consists of a twisted honeycomb mesh which is very robust, allowing it to be used for lifting.
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WoodPack can also be used in the preparation of cut of firewood. (WoodPack PDx only)
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WoodPack is a versatile partner - there is no limit as far as ideas are concerned.
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Wood Moisture Content Meter
(For those requiring precise information)
Hydromette Compact S
LCD indicator, measurement range: 10-50%, with mean value calibration, fitted with electrode tips.

We offer you the best solutions for preparing firewood!
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Offer your customers the most convenient solutions for their woodburning furnaces!

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