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Preparation of smaller quantities of firewood (WoodPack PDx only)


Various bracket varieties are available for the preparation of firewood. One or two bundles can be set in a row, depending on bracket type and length of wood. The bundles are tied with disposable strapping or tensioning belts. They can be rolled on a base for storing the wood on separately, or together, if they have been tied up across with disposable strapping or tensioning belts. The WoodPack base plate can be transported using a pallet hand lift, a pallet fork fitted to a tractor or with a practical optional accessory, the WoodPack Roller.
The pieces of wood prepared using WoodPack should be dry and also stored in dry conditions until use.


Produce single bundles using a stere bracket. Choose a short wood bracket if you bundle a lot of short wood, to allow the production of two or three bundles in sequence.
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Single bundles tied across with disposable strapping or tensioning belts increase bundle stability and make handling easier.


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