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Make use of the versatility of your WoodPack!

Stere bundles produced with WoodPack can be sawn into 50 cm lengths of wood using a power saw to cut through the bundle. In contrast to the vertically palletised wood using Woodmax, the horizontal half stere bundles produced with WoodPack require sheltered storage.

Tying with baler twine makes handling the stere bundles very versatile. Further varieties are thought up by and used by our customers. Here is our method, which provides maximum safety for sawing the bundle with a power saw.



  For sawing, tie stere bundle with tensioning belts and place two pallets in front. Saw through the bundle halfway from two sides.
Bügel entfernen

Readjust the belts and remove the rear loading bracket. Tip out the bundle on the prepared pallets.



Fertig Sägen

  The bundle is rolled on to the second pallet. The uncut pieces of wood are now located at the top. Finish sawing the bundle. Tighten belt. The finished bundle stays on the pallet for transportation and storage. A belt tied across both bundles makes the bundle more stable.
  Transport mit Palettrolli  

Roll bundle back onto WoodPack for transportation to storage facility or store straight on pallet.
Bundles tied across with disposable strapping or tensioning belts increase bundle stability and make handling easier. (WoodPack PDx only)



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