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Mini Portioner


The combination of Mini Portioner and Woodmax Special Strapping Adjuster - a versatile and unbeatable team!


The Mini Portioner has a stop plate that can be adjusted to take pieces of wood from 20 to 50 cm in length.


  An (optional) adapter reduces the diameter of the bundle obtained.
It is specifically designed for pieces of wood that are 50 cm in length and produces bundles of an average weight of only 20 - 25 kg.
(KP and KA)

Strapping Roll Holder

(RH and EB 16/19
and MS 16/19)

Woodmax Spanngerät





The Woodmax Special Strapping Adjuster allows optimal tension adjustment of the bundle strapping.
The old problem of bundles falling apart is no longer an issue. If you want to use a WoodPack MiniPortioner, you will need the following equipment:

  • Mini Portioner 16mm
  • Clamps 16 mm
  • Disposable Strapping
  • Woodmax Special Strapping Adjuster
  • Strapping Roll Holder


No more filling into sacks and asking for empties to be returned!
Bundles are tied up securely in convenient portions.



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